Media releases | October 31, 2017

EDMONTON - Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman has announced the government will introduce legislation in the current legislative session to give residents and their families the right to form self-governing councils in all continuing care facilities in the province, a proposal first made by Public Interest Alberta’s Seniors Task Force in its 2006 campaign entitled “Alberta’s Seniors Deserve Better.”
“Resident and family councils are a way to solve quality of care and other facility issues from the bottom up, rather than from the top down,” said Noel Somerville, Vice Chair of the Seniors Task Force. “After more than a decade of advocacy for this, Alberta seniors can finally claim victory.”
The Task Force launched a postcard campaign in October 2006 that was brought to the attention of the previous government in November of that year. An updated postcard was issued in 2012, when the proposal was again highlighted in a meeting with the Ministers of Health and Seniors.
“Governments can solve many of the problems our province faces by listening to those most affected,” added Somerville. “We look forward to working with the government on next steps to improve care for all of Alberta’s seniors.”


Download the Seniors Task Force 2012 postcard