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Learn about the issues, engaging your candidates, and informing yourself and your community before heading to the ballot box on October 16!

Together, we can make Alberta’s municipalities more fair, just, and progressive.

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For Municipal and School Board and Municipal Candidates



  • Do you oppose contracting private corporations to operate public services (like water services or public transportation and transit at the municipal level and custodial, maintenance, and support services at the school board level)?



  • How would you work to protect our environment and support a green economy?



  • What would you do to take action on reconciliation with indigenous peoples based recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnership?


For Municipal Candidates



  • Do you support increasing taxes to, at a minimum, meet the costs of inflation for the municipality’s services?
  • How would you increase the quality and affordability of public transit and/or regional transportation?



  • Would you support policy to ensure all workers employed by the municipality and its contractors are paid a living wage?
  • What other action would you take to eliminate poverty and homelessness?



  • What would you do to address racism and gender inequality in the municipality?
  • What role do you think our municipal government can play in building a comprehensive, affordable, high quality, universal child care system?



  •  Do you support a ban on corporate and union contributions?
  •  What changes would you make to improve citizen engagement, policy making and governance?


For School Board Candidates



  • If elected, how will you work to stop any government cuts to education? Will you work to reduce class sizes?



  • Do you believe students in any school who want a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) should be entitled to one?
  • If a student joins a GSA, do you think their parent should be notified, even without the student’s permission?




What will the future look like if we don’t take action?

  • privatization of critical public services
  • corporate control of our water and other resources
  • cuts to services for families and people in crisis
  • increased user fees and downloading costs to families
  • big money influence on our political process and disempowered citizens

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Citizen Forums

Public Interest Alberta in collaboration with the Edmonton and District Labour Council and the Calgary District Labour Council held citizen forums in Calgary and Edmonton to focus on issues and how citizens can advance progressive values. 

Edmonton - Monday, September 25, 2017

Panel 1: Poverty, Child Care, and Education

  • John Kolkman, Edmonton Social Planning Council
  • Heather Quinn, Edmonton Public Teachers
  • Suzanne MacLean, Oliver Centre

Panel 2: Democracy and Privatization

  • Larry Booi, Public Interest Alberta
  • Mike Scott, CUPE Local 30

Panel 3: Environment and Racism

  • Lorelei Hanson, Athabasca University
  • Bashir Mohamed, Black Lives Matter Edmonton

Thank you to the following candidates/campaigns who attended our Municipal Election Forum in Edmonton on September 25th: Kris Andreychuk, Glen Argan, Neda Asadi, Jeff Behrens, Rob Bernshaw, Nafisa Bowen, Brandy Burdeniuk, Shelagh Dunn, Trisha Estabrooks, Sam Filice, Kirsten Goa, Ben Henderson, Mark Hope, Nathan Ip Michael Janz, Miranda Jimmy, Joseph Luri, Dawn Newton, Mike Nickel, Mike Russnak, Bridget Stirling, Keren Tang, Sara Wagner, Tamie Ward and Mimi Williams


Calgary - Sunday, October 1, 2017

Panel 1: Poverty, Child Care, and Education

  • Franco Savoia, Vibrant Communities Calgary
  • Nevena Ivanovic, Women’s Centre of Calgary
  • Barbara Silva, Support Our Students Alberta

 2: Public Services, Privatization, and Democracy

  • Alex Shevalier, Calgary and District Labour Council
  • Joel French, Public Interest Alberta

3: Racism and Reconciliation

  • Chantal Chagnon, Cree8
  • Iman Bukhari, Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation

Thank you to the following candidates/campaigns who attended our Municipal Election Forum in Calgary on Oct 1: Brent Alexander, Blair Berdusco, Christopher Blatch, Coral Bliss Taylor, Patricia Bolger, Gian-Carlo Carra, Gord Cummings, Rekha Dhawan, Karen Lynn Draper, Janet Eremenko, Srinivas Ganti, Faith Greaves, Richard Hehr, Salimah Kassam, Greg Miller, Sara Peden, Michelle Robinson, Jennifer Seamone, Merle Terlesky, Tory Tomblin, and Steve Turner