Alberta is facing many challenges. But together we can make this municipal election about the public interest and a better future for all our communities. That’s because Alberta’s future depends on coming together to build a vision for all of us. 

This election, we are demanding better. We can build cities and communities where nobody is left behind.

This summer, we decided to engage directly in Alberta’s municipal election. We launched our campaign with a simple goal: to put the public interest on the agenda. Because we believe that if we’re going to come back stronger than before, our cities and communities need to focus on what matters: our people and building a better future for all Albertans.

This is a critical moment. We need the right focus.

Alberta and its communities are at their best when we build together. We need to get back to a vision and a plan where everyone has better access to what they need to succeed so we can build a better future for all.

For us, this means demanding better. Better from our services, the way we build, how we tackle the big problems, and how we keep our elections democratic.

These are our priorities:

  • Services: Protecting and Strengthening Public Services
  • Mobility: Equitable city Building, Public Transit & Fare-Free Transit 
  • Housing: Inclusive Cites for All & Ending Homelessness in Alberta
  • Transparency: Making Sure Albertans, not Dark Money, Decide Elections

Together, we can put the public interest on the agenda.