Media releases | February 28, 2021

University of Alberta President William Flanagan’s mildly worded protest Friday that nearly half of the massive $126-million cut to post-secondary education in Alberta will be borne by the University of Alberta is certain to fall on deaf ears within Premier Jason Kenney’s governing United Conservative Party.

“In Budget 2021, the University of Alberta’s provincial grant has been decreased by a further 11 per cent, or $60.1 million, almost one-half of the total $126 million cut to the post-secondary sector in this year’s budget,” Flanagan wrote.

“This 11 per cent reduction, combined with cuts in 2020-21, totals a $170-million reduction in our provincial funding over the last two and a half years,” he said. “Twenty-five per cent of Alberta’s post-secondary students attend the University of Alberta, yet the province has required us to bear nearly 50 per cent of the reduction in provincial funding.” (Emphasis added.) Read more