Media releases | November 02, 2023

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and Take Back Alberta supporters in the United Conservative Party arguably want to take Albertans out of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and substitute an “Alberta Pension Plan” (APP). Given its possible long-term effect on the lives of Albertans, this should have been one of the more important issues in the recent election campaign. Instead, the Premier refused to discuss it at all, and now the provincial government is spending more than 7.5 million dollars promoting the plan. This means that Albertans don’t have meaningful information about the proposed new plan. The benefit structure is likely to be similar to the CPP (although probably not identical), but the risks are many … Join us to hear Brad Lafortune discuss the specifics about how the CPP works. He will also discuss what civil society, businesses, seniors, and many Albertans are doing to come together to make sure CPP is there for all Albertans – and all Canadians – for generations to come. Watch Now →