Blog | March 25, 2014

From Victoria to Halifax, Citizens gathered today at over 30 MP offices to deliver a petition on behalf of 80,000 Canadians.

Fix the “Fair Elections Act” or scrap it entirely

EDMONTON—Concerned citizens delivered a petition with over 80,000 signatures to the office of the Hon. Laurie Hawn, MP for Edmonton Centre, to challenge some of the major changes in the Conservative government’s proposed Elections Act.

The delivery was part of a national day of action called “Let People Vote!” at 30 MP offices across the country. The petition opposes the unnecessarily strict voter ID requirements that could stop hundreds of thousands of people, including youth, Aboriginal, and low-income citizens from voting in the next election. 

“Given the robocall scandal and the Federal Court ruling that found there was fraudulent activity during the 2011 federal elections, now more than ever the Commissioner of Elections Canada should have the power to compel political staffers to testify,” said Aleah Loney, spokesperson for the Council of Canadians.

People in Edmonton joined thousands of Canadians who held signs and banners outside MP offices to defend the voting rights of all Canadians. Many expressed concerns that the proposed changes to the elections law are politically motivated, as US Republicans have used similar tactics to disenfranchise people who they believe are more likely to vote for Democrats.

“Over 5,500 Albertans have already signed on to this petition,” says Bill Moore-Kilgannon, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta. “With 80,000 signatures across the country this sends a clear message to the federal government that Canadians do not want the so-called Fair Elections Act.”

The Let People Vote national day of action is supported and facilitated by, the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Federation of Students.