Our CPP is under attack and we need to save it.

We are a group of concerned Albertans who have come together to oppose the plans announced by Premier Danielle Smith to take Alberta out of the Canada Pension Plan. The strength our group brings to this fightback is in the research, analysis and publicity we are able to contribute, as we include individuals with expertise in pension administration and consulting, finance, public advocacy and public relations.

We know that those of us who speak out in opposition to the Premier’s plan will be up against powerful corporate interests who see prospects for massive profits if and when the provincial government seizes control of the billions of dollars currently in the Canada Pension Fund.

Our bulletins are our first contribution to the fightback. It is our intention to spread these across the province in advance of a referendum the Premier is planning, as we have every reason to believe that it will be preceded by a flood of disinformation and false arguments. Our bulletins have been produced by pension experts in our group who have distilled massive amounts of information into a number of easy-to-read points.

The only sure defense against the type of well-financed campaign we expect from the UCP is a riled-up and informed public.

Our first bulletin, therefore, is written as a ‘warning.’ Save Our CPP! Albertans’ Retirement Incomes Under Threat!  alerts Albertans to the threats that exist in the Premier’s plans, as well as providing basic information about the Canada Pension Plan.

The second, Danielle Smith’s Shiny New Alberta Pension Plan...What could possibly go wrong? provides some background on changes likely to take place if Alberta withdraws from the CPP, as well as exposing our government’s sad record with pension fund administration.

The third, Three Myths About the Canada Pension Plan, exposes commonly-repeated myths that are likely to be exploited by the Premier and her corporate interests when they flood the media with their sales pitch.

NEW: Our working group analyzed poll numbers to produce our fourth bulletin, Poll Numbers Show Pension Confusion: Whose Pensions are Most at Risk?

We hope that you find these bulletins informative and useful. We are asking you to distribute them quickly to your friends, family and neighbours, wherever possible. Use them in whole or in part, as you wish. It is crucial that we warn and inform as many Albertans as possible, as they will be the losers if the Premier succeeds with her plan.

We know Premier Danielle Smith’s UCP is committed to taking Alberta out of the Canada Pension Plan and creating a new Alberta Pension Plan in its place if she can get away with it. This proposal creates serious risks for our retirement incomes.

This is not acceptable. The plan to leave the CPP must be abandoned. Public Interest Alberta, alongside other concerned organizations across Alberta, is mounting a campaign to save our CPP and pressure the UCP to abandon this doomed-for-failure plan to gamble with Albertans’ retirement security. 

Now is the time for Albertans to stand up against Smith’s new scheme. That’s why we are taking action and raising the alarm. By sharing fact sheets across the province to raise awareness, sending thousands of letters, and having Albertans sign our official petition, we are going to do everything in our power to stop Smith and the UCP from putting our retirement security at risk.

Here are three things you can do today!

1) Learn the facts about CPP with our fact sheets written by Albertan pension experts with decades of experience, and share them with your friends and family.

2) Download our official petition, print it out, and send the original signed petitions to Public Interest Alberta, 12323 Stony Plain Rd #604, Edmonton, AB T5N 3Y5.

3) Send a one click letter to the Premier, Finance Minister, Finance critic, and your local MLA telling them to save our CPP!