The Advocate is Public Interest Alberta's regular publication.

The newsletter is intended to be a space to update our members and supporters on our work and to share information about public interest advocacy in Alberta. It is published three times per year.

The Advocate - Fall 2019

In this issue:

P3s in Education: A Bad Deal for Alberta: Bridget Stirling, Edmonton Public School Board Trustee, explores the history of private-public partnerships in the construction of Canadian K-12 schools, and presents the case for fighting to keep our schools publicly owned and publicly accountable. 

Is it time for a Basic Income Guarantee?: Brian Dodd of Basic Income Calgary outlines what a basic income is and why it could be a solution for the economic barriers faced by many Albertans.

Cuts are Coming: Protecting Our Public Services: What do the Blue Ribbon Panel's recommendations mean for the public services Albertans value and rely on?  

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The Advocate - Spring 2019

In this issue:

Getting Albertans on Board for a #GreenNewDeal: Bronwen Tucker, Prairie Organizer with the Council of Canadians is creating space for discussion of a just transition away from fossil fuels

Alberta Seniors Deserve Better: Staff are overstretched and seniors are underserved. A new campaign from Friends of Medicare and Public Interest Alberta looks for the solutions 

Despite the results in BC, electoral reform is alive and kicking: Peter Adamski from Fair Vote Canada's Edmonton Chapter keeps hope alive to reform the electoral system

Early childhood education must be an election priority for all political parties: Public Interest Alberta's Executive Director Joel French explores what quality child care means for the future of our province

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The Advocate - Fall 2018

advocate_cover.jpgIn this issue:

Alberta is Still Riding the Revenue Roller Coaster - Noel Somerville on on how our revenue shortage puts pressure on our public services

Making Post-Secondary Education More Affordable - Shifrah Gadamsetti on how Bill 19 is an incredible win for students across Alberta

Alberta Low Wage Report - Statistics on who benefited the most from the minimum wage increase

The perils of "choice" in public education - Carolyn Blasetti on how exclusivity in education perpetuates classroom inequities

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The Advocate - Summer 2018

advocate_summer_2018_cover.pngIn this issue:

Alberta at the Crossroads - Highlights of our 12th annual advocacy conference

Service Cuts or a Sales Tax? The two stark choices Alberta faces for handling our revenue shortage

On the Road with the Revenue Reno Campaign - Campaign calling for tax reform tours Alberta with public events

The Future is Public - Joel French on making the shift from anti-privatization to pro-public

Annual General Meeting - Public Interest Alberta reflects on another successful year in advocacy work

Looking Backward, Looking Forward - Noel Somerville reflects on 13 years of advocacy work as Seniors Task Force Chair

An Introduction to Terry Price - Meet Public Interest Alberta's newest board member and chair of the Seniors Task Force

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The Advocate - Spring 2018


In this issue:

Revenue Reno - Inside our latest campaign to fix Alberta's revenue shortage to protect our public services

Child Care in Alberta - Donna Staszenski and Joel French on improving Alberta's child care system

Public Funds Diverted to Private Schools - Progress Alberta's Duncan Kinney on eliminating public funding of elite private schools and directing it towards improving Alberta's public school system.

Forward, Not Back - Larry Booi on the classic "fork in the road" choice Albertans face: going forward or going backward.

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The Advocate - Fall 2017


In this issue:

Ending Child Poverty in Alberta: Take action on our latest campaign

Budget Cuts Send Wrong Message: Quinn Benders on post-secondary education at risk with the University of Alberta's recent announcement

Executive director Joel French on the carbon tax

Joel French on Jason Kenney's troubling campaign pledges

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The Advocate - Summer 2017

PIA_Summer_2017_Newsletter_cover.pngIn this issue:

Public Interest Alberta Board President Larry Booi recommends important steps to be taken in advocating for a stronger democracy. 

Feature article on the painful truth about residential schools by Terry Inigo-Jones, Seniors Task Force member.

Op-ed by Noel Somerville, Seniors Task Force Chair, on the progress made on seniors’ care. 

Updates on our annual conference and our 2017 AGM, where our Public Interest Awards were presented.

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The Advocate - Spring 2017

Cover_for_website.pngThe Spring 2017 issue of The Advocate features a piece from Public Interest Alberta Board Chair Larry Booi on the recent work by the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission and the opportunities for getting involved.  Our Executive Director, Joel French, makes a compelling case for the provincial budget to focus on revenue, not cuts and Joan Cannon from the Alberta Green Economy Network writes about the upcoming projects of the network of diverse players in Alberta's green economy.  Finally, Sarelle Azuelos from the Women's Centre of Calgary writes about what municipalities can do, are doing, for child care and early learning.  This issue also features information about our 11th annual conference, BOLD Advocacy for BIG Changes.

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The Advocate - Winter 2016/17

The Advocate, Winter_2016-17In this issue, Public Interest Alberta Board Chair Larry Booi gives tangible actions for meeting with your MLA to advocate for democratic reform in the province. Joel French, Public Interest Alberta Executive Director, provides an informative look at how our tax system currently works and how Alberta could use changes to the income tax system to make up for its revenue shortage.  The Council of Alberta University Students discusses the current state of post-secondary education tuition and fees and Public Interest Alberta Education Task Force Chair Harold Neth makes the argument that public lands should be used for the public, not private, interest.  Finally, Friends of Medicare Executive Director Sandra Azocar provides information from the Parkland Institute's recent report on elder care in the province.

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The Advocate - Summer 2016

The Advocate, Summer 2016Learn how you can make your voice heard, put pressure on our elected officials and help them understand your priorities, based on the experience of Public Interest Alberta Board Chair Larry Booi. A member of our Child Care and Early Learning Task Force, Line Perron, tells us why quality, affordable child care should be non-negotiable. This issue also covers public funding for private schools, minimum wage increases, the need for provincial revenue reform, and our Annual General Meeting where the PIA Awards were presented.

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