The Advocate is Public Interest Alberta's regular publication.

The newsletter is intended to be a space to update our members and supporters on our work and to share information about public interest advocacy in Alberta. It is published three times per year.

The Advocate - Spring 2017

Cover_for_website.pngThe Spring 2017 issue of The Advocate features a piece from Public Interest Alberta Board Chair Larry Booi on the recent work by the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission and the opportunities for getting involved.  Our Executive Director, Joel French, makes a compelling case for the provincial budget to focus on revenue, not cuts and Joan Cannon from the Alberta Green Economy Network writes about the upcoming projects of the network of diverse players in Alberta's green economy.  Finally, Sarelle Azuelos from the Women's Centre of Calgary writes about what municipalities can do, are doing, for child care and early learning.  This issue also features information about our 11th annual conference, BOLD Advocacy for BIG Changes.

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The Advocate - Winter 2016/17

The Advocate, Winter_2016-17In this issue, Public Interest Alberta Board Chair Larry Booi gives tangible actions for meeting with your MLA to advocate for democratic reform in the province. Joel French, Public Interest Alberta Executive Director, provides an informative look at how our tax system currently works and how Alberta could use changes to the income tax system to make up for its revenue shortage.  The Council of Alberta University Students discusses the current state of post-secondary education tuition and fees and Public Interest Alberta Education Task Force Chair Harold Neth makes the argument that public lands should be used for the public, not private, interest.  Finally, Friends of Medicare Executive Director Sandra Azocar provides information from the Parkland Institute's recent report on elder care in the province.

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The Advocate - Summer 2016

The Advocate, Summer 2016Learn how you can make your voice heard, put pressure on our elected officials and help them understand your priorities, based on the experience of Public Interest Alberta Board Chair Larry Booi. A member of our Child Care and Early Learning Task Force, Line Perron, tells us why quality, affordable child care should be non-negotiable. This issue also covers public funding for private schools, minimum wage increases, the need for provincial revenue reform, and our Annual General Meeting where the PIA Awards were presented.

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