Media releases | May 19, 2022

EDMONTON - In response to Jason Kenney’s announcement yesterday that he will be stepping down as Leader of the UCP, Public Interest Alberta’s Executive Director Bradley Lafortune issued the following statement:

“Yesterday was an extraordinary day in Alberta politics. After receiving just 51.4% support from his own party, Jason Kenney announced he will be stepping down as Leader of the UCP.

“Many jaws dropped at the news yesterday. But regardless of who the Leader of the UCP is or who will serve as interim Premier in the legislature, Alberta needs a fundamentally different vision and approach.

“Trust in leadership and our democratic institutions has been eroded under Kenney’s leadership and the UCP government. Teachers, nurses, doctors, and public servants across the province are burned out or leaving their jobs. And UCP policies have undermined the public interest and public services at exactly the time when we need provincial institutions and government to act as a bulwark against the affordability and public health crises ripping through our communities.

“To say that Albertans are having a tough time right now is an understatement, and it doesn’t matter who the leader of the UCP is: the party’s policies of cuts, chaos and privatization threaten the very things that have made Alberta strong over the years.

“Albertans believe in a fair deal for everyone, not just friends and insiders. That means strengthening the public services we need so that the public interest extends to everyone, not just those with the means and voice to advocate effectively. We must ensure every mom and family has access to good, affordable child care, that kids have access to a strong education, that seniors live in dignity, that teachers are given the tools and curriculum they need to help students succeed, and that everyone in Alberta has a decent roof over their head.”