Warning from Campaign 2000 to federal parties

For immediate release · September 29, 2008 3:26 PM

EDMONTON—Citing disturbing census data on high child and family poverty rates in major Canadian cities, the national anti-poverty coalition Campaign 2000 today urged all federal party leaders to commit to a Poverty Reduction Strategy for Canada.

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New schools price tag skyrockets

For immediate release · September 19, 2008 3:32 PM

EDMONTON—“Albertans should to very shocked to hear the price tag for building and maintaining 18 new schools in Edmonton and Calgary is now a whopping $634 million dollars when only a year ago the catholic and public school boards in those cities had predicted the total costs would be less than $240 million to build,” said Bill Moore-Kilgannon, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta. (For Edmonton, the costs were reported to be $117.8 million according to the June 15, 2007 article by David Howell in the Edmonton Journal)

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Community organizations fear crisis is worsening

For immediate release · May 07, 2008 3:36 PM

EDMONTON—Representatives from human service agencies announced today that they are deeply concerned the provincial budget will not resolve the on-going crisis facing community organizations to find and keep staff to provide services to children, youth and families in crisis and adults with disabilities.

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Advocates propose solutions to crisis in seniors care

For immediate release · May 06, 2008 3:42 PM

EDMONTON—Three advocates for seniors met for an hour on April 30th with Premier Stelmach and Mary Anne Jablonski, Minister of Seniors and Community Supports, to discuss aspects of the continuing care system for Alberta seniors.

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Minimum wage increase keeps working poor still struggling below the surface

For immediate release · March 18, 2008 3:46 PM

EDMONTON—“The announcement today that the minimum wage will rise from $8.00 to $8.40 per hour will provide some help for low-income Albertans, but we need to put this increase in the context of sky rocketing costs,” said Bill Moore-Kilgannon, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta.

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FOIPP documents reveal game of hide and seek

For immediate release · March 07, 2008 2:55 PM

EDMONTON—Public Interest Alberta (PIA) released the findings of their freedom of information request into the $25.9 million dollars the federal government gave Alberta in the summer of 2007 to create more childcare spaces.

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Democracy is not a monologue

For immediate release · February 25, 2008 3:00 PM

Democracy is not a monologue

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Democracy is a dialogue: your voice - our future

For immediate release · February 14, 2008 3:18 PM
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Seniors demand action on crisis in continuing care

For immediate release · February 08, 2008 3:03 PM
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Government action on childcare questions fails to pass “smell test”

For immediate release · February 07, 2008 3:21 PM

EDMONTON—Public Interest Alberta (PIA) has just received a letter from the Information and Privacy Office stating that the government agency will not meet the thirty-day required timeline on PIA’s FOIPP request into the $25.9 million the federal government sent Alberta last summer to create more childcare spaces.

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