Media releases | February 02, 2012

(This is a Vibrant Communities Calgary and Action to End Poverty in Alberta Media Advisory. Both are members of PIA's Human Services and Poverty Task Force, and PIA is assisting with the launch of this new report.)

Media Advisory: February 2, 2012

EDMONTON—A new report called Poverty Costs, An Economic Case for a Preventative Poverty Reduction Strategy in Alberta will be released at 10:30 AM on February 6, 2012 in the Heritage Room of Edmonton City Hall.Co-published by Vibrant Communities Calgary and Action to End Poverty in Alberta, the report demonstrates that the external costs of poverty in Alberta are between $7.1 to $9.5 billion dollars. These annual costs of poverty include increased spending on healthcare and crime, and lost economic opportunities for children and people living in poverty. This number does not including direct expenditures on programs and social services.One of the report author’s, Alexa Briggs from Vibrant Communities Calgary will speak at the Edmonton media conference along with Joe Ceci, Coordinator of Action to End Poverty in Alberta and a former Calgary City Councillor. Other people speaking at the media conference include, Ben Henderson, Edmonton City Councillor and Chairperson of the Inter-City Forum on Social Policy and Bill Moore-Kilgannon, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta. Representatives from various supporting organizations and people who have experience living in poverty will also be available to make comments to the media.“With 16 Alberta municipalities and many provincial and local organizations supporting the work of Action to End Poverty in Alberta, we hope the Alberta government is willing to follow through on the commitment to establish a poverty reduction strategy that will prevent, reduce and ultimately eliminate poverty in Alberta”, says Joe Ceci. “The report demonstrates that investing in a poverty reduction strategy will save the province money and ultimately be good for the economy and strengthen the quality of life for all Albertans.”-30-FOR MORE INFORMATION or an embargoed copy of the report contact:Dan Meades, Director
Vibrant Communities CalgaryJoe Ceci, Coordinator
Action to End Poverty in AlbertaVibrant Communities Calgary is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively with various stakeholders and partners, seeking to engage Calgarians and to advocate for long-term strategies that address the root causes of poverty in Calgary. For more information on this initiative or Vibrant Communities Calgary, visit to End Poverty in Alberta is an initiative of the Inter-City Forum on Social Policy and engages stakeholders to promote a comprehensive poverty-reduction plan for Alberta. For more information on Action to End Poverty In Alberta, visit