Blog | May 04, 2018

Op-ed by Executive Director Joel French originally published in the Edmonton Journal on May 4, 2018 and the Calgary Herald on May 12, 2018.

"Alberta’s latest provincial budget is being judged by many, less for the things it did and more for what it didn’t do. It did not make any changes to the province’s tax system to raise more revenue, and it did not make massive cuts to public services to reduce spending. Instead, the budget forecasts an increasing reliance on non-renewable resource revenues with no real plan to ensure we have stable revenues in the future to protect and revitalize our public services.

Public Interest Alberta recently launched a campaign called Revenue Reno ( which advocates for protecting and revitalizing our province’s public services by solving our significant shortage of annual tax revenue. Albertans deserve to be informed about the budget choices our province is facing, and we are simply not getting all of the facts from the political parties in the legislature."

Read the full article in the Edmonton Journal.