Media releases | June 30, 2021

Activists and speakers from Albertan universities are arguing that cuts to post-secondary education will lead to a diminished workforce, something they say could have lasting generational impacts. 

This phenomenon, where highly skilled professionals leave a province in large volumes, is sometimes referred to as “brain drain.” In a May 28 town hall hosted by Public Interest Alberta (PIA) — a group dedicated to protecting and strengthening public services — seven speakers including activists, and students, staff, and faculty from Albertan post-secondary institutions, discussed the impact that brain drain could have on the province, and how to prevent it through collective organizing.

Bradley Lafortune, the executive director of PIA, noted that Alberta’s government has cut almost $690 million dollars from the post-secondary sector over the past three budget cycles. 

“We need to resist the cuts and advocate for our world-class education system to be funded and supported like the essential public service that it is,” Lafortune said. Read more