Blog | August 14, 2014

Where do the PC leadership candidates stand?PC leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk did not respond directly to our questions on child care policy, but he did send us a statement on his overall outlook on child care in Alberta:

Access to quality child care is one of the chief concerns for our young families. Alberta families deserve safe, high-quality child care centres that are staffed by trained workers who are informed about the best practices in early childhood development.

Currently, because of an inadequate number of licensed child spaces, some parents have difficulty working or attending school, both of which are needed for the family to get ahead. Alberta needs workers today and we need to make sure that the next generation builds the skills they need to complete their education and enter the workforce in the years to come. Both of these needs can be met by increasing access to quality child care centres.

As leader of the PC party, I will work to increase the number of high-quality, licensed child care spaces across the province. We need to ensure they have the ability to hire the best staff, can retain the best staff and have enough of the best learning resources and equipment for the children in their care.

Low income parents may also need assistance in paying for child care. I will continue to support the child care subsidy for those who need it, so that everyone has a chance to lift themselves up out of poverty by working or training for a better job.

Taking care of our young families who use the services of the child care sector is one of the most effective ways we can ensure our future generation of Albertans are happy, healthy, and thriving.To follow up with Mr. Lukaszuk's campaign on his policy, and to ask him about the specific questions we raised on child care, get in touch with his campaign using the following contact information:Thomas LukaszukThomas Lukaszuk
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 780-424-0090
Twitter: @LukaszukMLA