Media releases | February 10, 2022

Post-secondary education is a cornerstone of Alberta. Post-secondary education creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, and is one of the major employers in the province. It trains the workforce of tomorrow and works tirelessly to promote the public interest through ground-breaking research, teaching, and community engagement. 

Alberta’s universities, colleges, and post-secondary institutions have been under attack. Since the Kenney government took power and have enacted their fanatical agenda of privatization and deregulation, they have hammered the sector with deep and punitive cuts. This reckless agenda could do generational damage to Alberta’s prized institutions. 

But ULFA Faculty are taking a brave stand. They are not only fighting for their own contracts, but for the future of Alberta. The teaching conditions in our universities, colleges, and technical institutes are the learning conditions of the students – the future leaders of our province. 

Public Interest Alberta is proud to support ULFA. Find out more information about how you can support here. Solidarity forever!