Blog | November 07, 2011

Click here to watch the video of Alberta Primetime's Nov 4th, 2011, segment on Removing the Cap for Seniors Accomodation Fees, featuring PIA's Seniors Task Force Chair, Noel Somerville.Alberta Health Services estimate more than 1600 people are waiting for continuing care beds - about 500 are taking up hospital beds in Alberta. Alison Redford says removing the cap on nursing home fees would spur new accommodations. Critics worry pricier private lodges would raise rates throughout the business and still leave a shortage of affordable spaces.Will a freer market create more long-term care beds without harming low-income families? Should Alberta force lifestyle equality on seniors?We talk to Bruce West, Executive Director of the Alberta Continuing Care Association, and Noel Sommerville, Chair of the Seniors Task Force for Public Interest Alberta.- Alberta Primetime