Blog | May 27, 2013

Chandra Lye, CTV EdmontonPublished Saturday, May 25, 2013 4:38PM MDTPremier Alison Redford is standing behind the provincial budget including cuts to several services, which has angered many Albertans.“We are firmly behind the budget that we passed and we are firmly behind the decisions that we made.”Premier Redford made the comments to media during the 2013 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta policy conference being held at Edmonton’s Radisson South Saturday.“Where we see those impacts we’re transition as well as we possibly can to ensure we are moving forward in a way that is supporting vulnerable people.”However, about 600 protestors outside the convention centre said they would continue to rally against the cuts.“We’re not going to go away. People are going to keep raising their voices. So the folks on the inside who set the policy had better be listening to Albertans,” executive director for Public Interest Alberta, Bill Moore-Kilgannon, told CTV News.“These cuts are really hurting people and this government absolutely has choices to fix our revenue problem to make sure we are not massively cutting these services that people need.”Russell and Shirley Eccles agreed.“We need to look after everybody in this province,” Russell said comparing the cuts to those made when Ralph Klein was premier.Shirley called the cuts an easy way out.“There are other things to do besides hitting the supports for the really vulnerable and the people that really need it.”Premier Redford said the government would be listening and welcomed feedback.“What we’re saying is let’s make this a more dynamic policy process to make sure we, as Albertans and as members of the public and as members of our party, are truly reflecting what Albertans are talking about.”With files from Jeff HarringtonRead the article and watch the news video at CTV.