Blog | November 01, 2011

By ctvcalgary.caOn midnight of November 1, B.C. raised their minimum wage by 75 cents, effectively putting Alberta at the bottom of the pack in the national numbers.Alberta is now ten cents below the second lowest minimum wage in Canada, sitting at $9.40 per hour.The last time the rate was raised was back in September.Nunavut stil enjoys the top spot with $11.00 per hour.The group ‘Calgary Action' is taking a stand to bring awareness to the low wages Alberta is offering.The group plans to be on Stephen Avenue during the noon hour on Tuesday and handing out ‘living wage bills' in the hopes that Albertans will challenge the government to increase the minimum wage."The new minimum wage law leaves far too many people struggling to make ends meet even though they are working very hard and often on shifts that go late into the night," says' Julie Hrdlicka, Calgary Community Mobilizer for Public Interest Alberta. "This is very expensive city to live in, yet one out of every eight employed people make less than $12/hour."More details will be on the News at Noon.

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