Blog | June 06, 2013

Public Money to Private control of seniors carePremier Redford promised 1000 more LTC beds in her election. She has broken yet another promise and continues to follow an agenda to privatize and deregulate public services.Assisted-living beds are for the wealthy and healthy. Assisted living does not cover medical needs, such as if you fall down, staff are not trained to help. Long-term care beds do cover medical assistance and are what’s needed in Alberta.Take action and join a Constituency Action Team with PIA’s Senior Task Force, and put pressure on your MLA that seniors' needs be met! Demand that needs be met instead of following a plan where 1700 long-term care beds are to be eliminated over the next five years, according to a recent Alberta Health Services (AHS) Capital Submission report.Read more: No new beds for seniors in Edmonton at the Edmonton Journal websiteFrom the Alberta Government’s budget on Affordable Supportive Living Projects (Announced June 3 – 6, 2013)Total Public Dollars Given to Corporations:• Christianson = $7,904,512
• Points West Living = $9,850,000
• Age Care = $17,125,000|
• Reichmann Seniors Housing = $4,000,000Total Corporate Seniors Care = $38,879,512 (58%)Total ASLI Funds for 2013 – 2014 = $66,629,512 (actual capital budget is only $50,000,000)