Blog | July 27, 2015

From News Talk 770 (CHQR)July 27, 2015Public Interest Alberta is concerned that the same problems that have arisen in Edmonton over federal LRT funding, are now coming to Calgary. Joel French, Director of Communications and Campaigns is warning Calgary City Council that Ottawa could require the new Green Line to be run by private corporations instead of the municipal government. He says that’s not uncommon during the construction phase, but when it comes to maintenance and operation it raises questions about public accountability and transparency. He explains that even Edmonton City Councillors don’t have access to all the financial information of their LRT line, and in a FOIP request all the dollar amounts were censored out. He says if the argument is that the P3 format provides value for money, it can’t be proven if the financials are being withheld. French says Calgary City Council needs to be made aware of the shortcomings of Edmonton’s funding deal with the federal government.Read the article on News Talk 770's website