Blog | September 19, 2013

Tar Sands spills–1,472,000 litres and still spilling

Right now in Alberta, tar sands bitumen is spilling into the environment at four different sites, (potentially even 6) one directly underneath a slough. All four spills have been spilling for months and the Alberta and Canadian governments know all about it, they are just powerless to stop them.

To date over 1,472,000 liters of tar sands have been spilled onto the landscape near Cold Lake, Alberta and every day another 3,000 liters pour out. To help you keep track and to remind the Alberta government, and CNRL (Canadian National Resources Ltd – the company responsible for the spills) that their work is far from over we’ve come up with this handy counter:

CNRL Tar Sand Spill Counter

The spill counter shows how much has been spilled and continues to spill into the environment and traditional territory of the Beaver Lake Cree and Cold Lake First Nations.

The counter shows, based on the daily spill average, just how much tar sands has been and continues to spill into Alberta’s environment.

Learn more about the tar sands and what you can do to stop them at