Media releases | January 10, 2022

EDMONTON - Today is the first day of back-to-school after the winter break. Public Interest Alberta’s Executive Director Bradley Lafortune issued the following statement: 

“Despite shuttering schools for another week after the scheduled winter break to ‘prepare,’ the Kenney government has utterly failed Alberta’s teachers, students, and parents. 

“As our health care system is crushed by this fifth wave of the pandemic and cases are soaring astronomically across the province, the extra week – while it left many parents in the lurch to figure out child care arrangements, or needing to take time off of work to care for their kids – could have been a time to get teachers and students the protection they need such as test kits, HEPA filters, and N95 masks. They could have revised isolation rules and reinstated contact tracing. 

“Instead, what have they done? Absolutely nothing. They are setting the public education system to fail, just as they have done time after time. Albertans are beyond sick of this utterly incompetent government. 

“The Kenney government' has been disaster after disaster. Add this to the ever-growing list of utter failures.”