Media releases | January 17, 2023

EDMONTON - The Alberta Affordability Plan (AAP) applications open tomorrow, Wednesday January 18. Progressive advocacy organization Public Interest Alberta is ringing the alarm bell about how much this program and its rollout have failed Albertans.

“Let’s not forget that the UCP took this affordability crisis from bad to worse,” said Bradley Lafortune, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta. “They have made so many decisions to the detriment of the most vulnerable Albertans, including damaging income supports with de-indexation and refusing to act on the housing crisis. Do they expect us to forget? Their politically expedient affordability package right before an election is hardly worth celebrating.” 

“The payments will provide some temporary relief to struggling Albertans,” added Lafortune. “But it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed. We need robust investment into our social safety net and all of our critical public services to weather this crisis.” 

Instead of using the Canada Revenue Agency and direct deposit, the UCP has opted to create a new, untested portal that could make it harder for Albertans to receive payment. 

“We’ve seen this government bungle untested technology and apps before,” said Lafortune. “Albertans have already been waiting two months since the announcement. We deserve better than further delays.”

“We know that this entire affordability program was flawed from the outset,” said Lafortune. “It’s too little, and it’s too late. As Albertans deal with soaring inequality, rampant food and housing insecurity, and ballooning costs for essentials like food and utilities, these half-measures are absurd in the proportion to the problem.”