Blog | November 28, 2013

Letter to the Editor by Franco Savoia, Edmonton JournalRe: "Tax hikes called key to helping poor kids," Nov. 26. Vibrant Communities Calgary applauds the From Words to Action report on eliminating poverty from our province.The report was done by the Alberta College of Social Workers, Public Interest Alberta and the Edmonton Social Planning Council. Its recommendations align with our report, Poverty Costs 2.0, and with those found in Enough for All, produced by the City of Calgary and the United Way of Calgary.A great deal of thought and work has gone into directing us on how we can best support the most vulnerable Albertans.Our major concern is these recommendations will remain just good intentions that will be shelved and gather dust. Meanwhile, Albertans in poverty will continue to suffer.Many of us have family members or someone close to us who are poor. It is time for us to act.We live in a good province that could become great if we all engage in this conversation and begin to help implement these ideas.Franco Savoia, directorVibrant Communities CalgaryRead this at the Edmonton Journal 2013