Blog | January 28, 2013

By Annalise Klingbeil, Metro EdmontonIt was a dance like never before.Holding placards in support of Idle No More, more than 200 people joined activist Morningstar Mercredi in a tea dance at Churchill Square on Monday.“As the drums begin here today, we call upon all races and all nations to stand in solidarity with Idle No More,” Mercredi told the crowd, which included representatives from Greenpeace, the Alberta College of Social Workers and Friends of Medicare.Protesters listened to brief speeches from various organizations that have declared their solidarity with Idle No More before dancing in a circle to the music of Dene Tha drummers.“You’re a beautiful sight. I’ve never had a more proud moment in my life,” Mercredi told the crowd.The rally was one of several that happened across the world as part of the indigenous movement’s global day of action. It also coincided with the return of parliament in Ottawa.The Edmonton event at Churchill Square was preceded by the launch of an organization called Common Causes, which is an assembly of social movements dedicated to defending democracy, the environment and human rights.The groups uniting under the Common Causes movement believe coordinated action is needed.“It’s about building relations with first nations people but also understanding that everything that Idle No More is, impacts every citizen,” said Bill Moore-Kilgannon, executive director of Public Interest Alberta, at the Common Causes launch.By Annalise Klingbeil, Metro EdmontonThis article was published in Metro Edmonton on January 28, 2013. Read the full article here.