Media releases | May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017

Representatives of Public Interest Alberta today congratulated members of the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission on the recent release of the commission’s Interim Report.

“The members of the commission have done a first-rate job on a very difficult set of tasks,” said Larry Booi, chair of Public Interest Alberta’s Democracy Task Force. “The interim report is based on solid democratic principles, and represents a thoughtful and systematic approach to the complex tasks of reforming the province’s electoral boundaries. The consultation process has been exemplary, and the Commission has clearly listened to calls for a more democratic approach by making representation by population their top priority, recognizing all votes should count equally.”

Public Interest Alberta’s Executive Director Joel French also commended the commission members for their recommendation that MLAs be given additional support in their efforts to represent their constituents.

“Instead of endorsing the past practice of sacrificing the principles of political equality by giving some MLAs far fewer constituents to represent, the Commission has wisely urged the government to provide both rural and urban MLAs with the staff and technical resources necessary to meet the needs of representing the increasing diversity of Albertans,” said French. “This is a first-rate report that, if its direction is adopted, will lead to a stronger, more democratic Alberta Legislature.”


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