Blog | June 09, 2014

Letter to the Editor, Medicine Hat News

Read the letter on the Medicine Hat News websiteBill Moore-Kilgannon, executive director of Public Interest Alberta, and David Campanella of the Parkland Institute were in Medicine Hat recently to talk about the present tax system in Alberta.They say if Alberta were taxed at the same rate as Saskatchewan that Alberta would get $3.6 billion more in taxes each year. They want a progressive tax in Alberta where those with an income under $100,000 would be taxed at 10 per cent, those with an income between $100,000 and $150,000 at 13 per cent and those with an income greater than $150,000 at 15 per cent. Corporate taxes would be at 12 per cent. This would keep Alberta taxes as the lowest in Canada and generate an extra $2 billion each year.Moore-Kilgannon wants Albertans to think of what Alberta could do with this money and he has a list of seven great ideas.I say Alberta needs more long-term care beds and needs to keep Home Care funded so they can provide the great service to Albertans that we are already getting. I am more than 80 years old and these services are important to seniors.You may have other ideas and I encourage you to phone Public Interest Alberta at 780-420-0471 or email [email protected] to share your thoughts.Evelyn SchulerMedicine Hat