Blog | February 12, 2014

Dear members and supporters of the Seniors Task Force We need your support to stop the Alberta government from eliminating the Alberta Senior’s Drug benefit.
As you know, the Alberta government has announced they plan to cut $180 million by creating a means-tested drug plan that will place the biggest burden on those seniors who are the most frail or sick and require the most drugs.

Please support our work!With your support, we can stop this. The Alberta government backed down when they tried to do this back in 2010 thanks to strong public pressure from across the province. We can get them to back down again, but we need your financial support to get the word out and encourage people to speak out.

We are trying to raise enough funds this month so we can put together a communications campaign to challenge the government to listen to seniors and their families rather than the well-funded insurance industry lobbyists.

Go to our donation page HERE. For only $50, you can become a Public Interest Alberta member and support our ongoing advocacy work on seniors care. If we can get 200 people to give an additional donation of $50, we will be able to produce and buy radio advertising that will reach thousands of people across the province.

If you don’t feel comfortable donating online, then please call our office at 780 420-0471and give your pledge over the phone.

The Seniors Task Force has been incredibly busy over the last year standing up for quality seniors care:

To keep these actions and campaigns going, we rely on the contributions from our supporters. We have been successful in getting heard and building actions, but we need to get louder.Please help us reach our communications target this month by clicking here to make your donation.

Your donations will go towards getting further public attention, outreach activities, and mobilization tools in fighting for fixing the seniors care system.

Seniors deserve quality public care!

Thank you for your continued support,

Public Interest Alberta

Public Interest Alberta
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