Blog | October 03, 2012

Public Interest Alberta says private funding is putting long-term care for seniors out of financial reach of many Albertans and wants the Province to change things.On Wednesday, the group's Seniors Task Force sat down with the Ministers of Health and of Seniors.Public Interest Alberta's Bill Moore-Kilgannon says the problem is that as more tax dollars go to private care facilities, the actual cost is still going up for Albertans."And a lot of families out there are just not in the position to be able to afford private for-profit seniors' care." he says. "And so we are challenging the government to make the investments. We know the number of seniors in this province are growing, and yet those seniors have paid taxes all their lives and deserve to have quality public health care."Public Interest Alberta is also pushing for the creation of an Independent Seniors Advocate reporting to the Legislature itself, instead of to a government Ministry.This article was published by iNews880AM on October 3, 2012. Read the full article on the iNews880AM website.