Blog | March 23, 2018

Public Interest Alberta is pleased to release Priorities for Advancing the Public Interest.

With a provincial election in Alberta expected in the spring of 2019, our aim with this document is to provide clear suggestions about progressive directions for activists and advocates across the province to help educate their friends, families, and coworkers about what they should expect of their elected officials and political parties in the important time ahead. The document focuses on the action areas our organization focuses on, which include revenue reform, childcare and early education, K-12 education, post-secondary education, human services and poverty, the environment, health care, seniors, and democracy.


Download the Full Document:

Priorities for Advancing the Public Interest*

*please note the Seniors' Task Force released a revised priorities document in October 2020. Please see below. 


Table of Contents:


Revenue Reform

Child Care and Early Education


Post-Secondary Education

Human Services and Poverty


Health Care

Seniors (revised July 2021)


What Can You Do?


Print copies are also available upon request. You can contact our office at (780) 420-0471 or [email protected] to request copies.