Blog | February 13, 2015

Dear Public Interest Alberta supporters,

In the 2012 election, the Alberta PC Party promised it would fund full-day kindergarten for all Albertans. To date, it has failed to follow through on its promise and is now saying Alberta cannot afford it. The 30-second video below shows how making our tax system more fair would give Alberta the revenue we need for the government to follow through on its promise.

We've begun purchasing ad space to appear on the websites of newspapers and TV stations, but we need your help to get it seen by as many people as possible. A donation of $10 will get it seen by 250 Albertans, and $100 will get it seen 2,500 times! Make your donation today.

We need to keep building the pressure on Jim Prentice to introduce a progressive income tax and fair corporate taxes. This video is part of our Alberta Could campaign to show that there is an alternative to unstable revenues and massive spending cuts to vital public services: a fair tax system. Donate now to help us spread the word.Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing four more videos like the one above but focused on different areas: introducing affordable child care, eliminating child poverty, investing in post-secondary education, and taking care of our seniors. To stop the cuts to public services we need to mobilize many Albertans to speak out, and with your donation, we will continue to increase pressure on the government to put the public interest first.

Whether you are able to contribute to this campaign or not, please share the video by forwarding this e-mail to your contacts or sharing the video through social media.

Thanks for your support.

- Bill Moore-Kilgannon, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta

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